Marleen Verhelst After her academic training Marleen Verhelst worked as a graphic designer.
Today she's a professional restorer of paintings, ornamental frames and all kinds of art. She coaches skilled waterpainters to obtain a higher level of technique in waterpainting.

Her own art, be it in waterpainting or oilpainting, differs from others in the correct utilization of the classic painting techniques and the continious creative development of new ones. She is known for her intense compositions of colours and light with balanced mastering of style and materials.

Her unique designs in ceramics and bronzes are fine models of conviviality and spirituality.

Her art has found its way to private collections in Belgium, Holland, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Israel, USA, Australia and South-Africa.

Marleen Verhelst was born in Morstel, Belgium on March 11th 1955.
She lives with her husband, two dogs and cat in St.-Antonius - Zoersel, Belgium.